Touch Screen Mito 833 Solution

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Trik Jumper Touch Screen Mito 833

If you have a problem in the case of the touch screen Mito 833 please follow these steps
  • Open socket touch screen,
  • There are 4 pins on the touchscreen look and then give it a negative pin voltage to 1.8v power supply
  • negative needle attached to a power supply pin and needle touchscreen negative positive (+) power supply pin is shifted to other touch screen.
  • Plug it in again and turn on the handphone, press and hold the call, then you will be asked to calibrate the screen. follow the instructions and done
Indonesian language:
  1. Buka socket toucscreen,
  2. Pada kaki touchscreen ada 4, silahkan cari pin yang negatif kemudian berikan tegangan 1,8v dengan  power supply.
  3. Jarum negatif (-) power supply di satu kaki negatif touchscreen dan jarum positif  (+) power supply digeserkan hingga ke-3 kaki / pin lainnya.
  4. Pasang kembali touch screen dan hidupkan handpphone, maka akan muncul tulisan untuk mengkalibrasi layarnya. ikuti petunjuk untuk kalibrasi layar
  5. Selesai

If the above solution was not solved your problem please continue with the following jumper trick

Trik Jumper Touchscreen Mito 833 Solution

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